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07.00-10.00 Breakfast with Crackers
10.00-12.00 The Cult of Positivity with Bombardier Billy Wells
12.00-14.00 Lunchtime Show with Billy Ray
14.00-17.00 Monday Mix with Dave Norris
17.00-18.00 The Rush Hour - Drive Time with Tracey
18.00-20.00 Dennis Tarry goes Back To The Sixties
20.00-22.00 Counting Down The Decades with Keith G
22.00-23.00 Late Night Listening with Mick Smith
23.00-01.00 Ben's Country Music Show (Reprise)
01.00-02.00 The Jazz Vibe with Sanj (Reprise)
02.00-07.00 Magical Musical Mix


07.00-10.00 Breakfast with Crackers
10.00-13.00 Morning Show with Steve Edwards
13.00-16.00 Afternoon Delight with Alan Matsell
16.00-18.00 Drive Time with Christine
The Tuesday Treat with Ling
20.00-22.00 Ian and Sharon Smith - Heart Of The Vale
22.00-23.00 Pete James with Folk, Blues And Beyond (Reprise)
23:00-00.00 Tony Currie with The Lively Lounge (Reprise)
00.00-02.00 Ian Wilmot with The Doorway (Reprise)
02.00-02.30 Live Wire and the Real Music Show (Reprise)
02.30-07.00 Magical Musical Mix


07.00-10.00 Breakfast with Crackers
10.00-13.00 The Wednesday Show with Ryan Taggart
13.00-16.00 Sue' s Pick 'N' Mix Show
16.00-18.00 Drive Time with Christine
18.00-20.00 Ben's Country Music Show
20.00-22.00 J J B's 60s And 70s Request Show
22.00-23.00 The Collection with John Burton (Reprise)
23.00-02.00 Stafford's World with Mark Stafford
02.00-07.00 Magical Musical Mix


07:00-10.00 Breakfast with Crackers
10.00-12.00 The Two Old Blokes - Eric and Roy
12.00-14.00 Billy Ray with the Lunchtime Show
                        including the Melton Times Press Conference
14.00-17.00 Jack Dempsey / Dennis Tarry (alternate weeks)
17.00-19.00 Drive Time with Treaders
19.00-20.00 Folk, Blues And Beyond with Pete James
20.00-22.00 Kenny Hague
22.00-24.00 Steve Hack With The Thursday Night Social
00.00-05.30 Dominic Forbes with Brit Rock and Time Sweep
06.30-07.00 Magical Musical Mix


07:00-10.00 Breakfast with Crackers
10.00-13.00 Dennis Harby with requests and the Much More Music Hour
13.00-15.00 Simon Nicholas and Cormac Boylan - Five Decades Friday
15.00-17.00 Lottie's Lock Down - Lottie and Mark Frisby
17.00-18.00 Friday Drive Time with Christine
18.00-19.00 Longfield Live / Drivetime Extra (alternate weeks)
19.00-21.00 Weekend Warm Up with Ian Smith
21.00-22.00 The Jazz Vibe with Sanj
22.00-23.00 Live Wire and the Real Music Show
23.00-01.00 Roger Day presents the Sixties Vinyl Countdown (Reprise)
01.00-04.00 Mark Stafford with Stafford's World (Reprise)
04.00-07.00 Magical Musical Mix


07.00-09.00 Saturday Breakfast Show with Jonny Mac and Adam Baker
09.00-11.00 Emma's Saturday Show
11.00-14.00 Simon Nicholas with Five Decades And More
14.00-17.10 Sports Eye with Steve Hack / Jonny Mac / George Icke
17.00-20.00 Saturday Party Time with Paul Anthony
20.00-21.00 Melton and the Vale's Top 10 with Keith G
21.00-23.00 Ian Wilmot with The Doorway (the finest progressive rock)
23.00-05.30 Brit Rock and Time Sweep with Dominic Forbes
05.30-07.00 Magical Musical Mix


07.00-12.00 Community Focus - Crackers
                 with Jeanne/Sue/Jerry/Jon The Engineer/Roy/Jack Hogan
12.00-13.00 CROC FM: The Candleby Lane Takeover
13.00-15.00 Paul Stuart and Lady Marie with the Sunday Session
                 or Rock The Vale with Big E and Jan The Legend
15.00-18.00 Pete James with Something Different
18.00-19.00 Alan Matsell with the Easy Listening Show
19.00-21.00 Roger Day with the Sixties Vinyl Countdown
21.00-22.00 The Collection with John Burton
22.00-01.00 Soulful Sunday with Paul Anthony
01.00-02.00 The Lively Lounge with Tony Currie
02.00-07.00 Magical Musical Mix

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